Class Types

Pole Class

Pole class is where we teach the art of pole dancing. Each class will contain spins, flow sequences and tricks relevant to each members ability. It is for anyone looking for an exciting way to train and connect with their body whilst learning to move with and on the pole. Participants can expect to develop strength and confidence through attending classes and always come away from class on a high.

All Pole Classes are mixed levels unless otherwise stated on the timetable.

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Strong + Flexy

Strong and Flexy is a flexibility class which utilises a variety of the most current methods to develop flexibility. It focuses on optimum joint range for the individual and building useful ability around the joints. This class is for anyone who wants to move better in general or improve their flexibility for pole dancing specifically. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of flexibility and mobility as a tool within their own bodies.

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Intrinsic Heels

Intrinsic Heels is a class which utilises pole and floor work whilst wearing heels. Safe technique is learnt through a mix of choreography and tricks. It is for anyone who wants to learn about how to dance in heels on and around the pole. It is preferable to have attended 2-3 pole classes before attending heels class. Participants can expect to develop their heels technique and explore what dancing in heels means to them.

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Small Group Personal Training

We offer Small Group PT to all bodies and abilities. It is for anyone wanting to develop their strength and movement ability within a private gym setting. Participants can expect assistance in becoming strong as heck and finding their power as well as becoming confident in their lifting technique andbodyweight exercises. We meet all members where they are to guide you safely through your training.

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Dance class is one part technique based and one part choreography base with a mix of ballet and contemporary styles. It is for those with little or no dance technique experience who want to learn more. Participants can expect to improve their lines, musicality and memory whilst moving with an enjoyable playlist of songs. These classes are not currently regular on the timetable.