Personal Training with Nicole

‘I have been working with clients over the past 3 years to achieve their fitness goals.The goals tend to look very different from person to person as we all have our own mountains to climb. Sometimes it is mobility related, with hopes of being able to bend down to play with children for extended periods of time, others it might just be feeling more comfortable in their own skin. From the outset the objective is always to make the client feel comfortable and capable of turning up to their next session. Through personal training at Get Fit and Fly I am aiming to provide a comfortable environment for clients of any levelto come and train, learn and progress towards their goals, no matter the size of their mountain.’ – Nicole


Small Group Personal Training

Get all the benefits of personal training with the added fun and support of other like minded ladies! Our small group training runs once a week with a maximum of 4 people in each group.

-Tailored workouts to suit individuals within the group
-Lifestyle and Nutritional support
-Weekly check ins
-Measurements tracked
-Get stronger, leaner and fitter


Full commitment will be expected, this is not just a workout class! We will be working towards individuals goals with an overall focus on being happy and healthy. Spaces will be given on a first come first serve basis and will only become available if someone drops out of the group the next month. (2 weeks notice required if you are leaving the group)

Our small groups currently run on a Tuesday evening at 6pm and 7pm. Please contact us to enquire about spaces.


1-1 Personal Training 

One to one training allows for more time focused around you with a little more guidance through your sessions. If you have goals you want to achieve from building strength and confidence with weight training or improved movement and mobility, this is a great way to get started.

1-1 training can be scheduled at various times, please contact us to find out availability and get started on your journey.


What our current clients say –

‘I’ve always wanted to try personal training, but never had the confidence to actually go through with. 

I can’t praise Nicole enough for her work! She is so patient and helpful. She recognises your fitness level and works with that. She doesn’t just throw you in at the deep end and expect you to keep up. 

Since starting with Nicole, I have noticed a huge difference in myself, both with my confidence and physically. She provided me with some great nutrition advice, which helped me towards living a healthy and balanced lifestyle rather than just dieting. 

Training with Nicole pushed me to go to the gym myself. After our sessions I gained a better understanding of what I needed to do to achieve my goal! This made a difference in my normal routine.‘ – Amy 


‘I have done Group P.T sessions with Nicole now for 4 weeks and will definitely be carrying on. I have found it really enjoyable and while pushing me to do more it is in no way intimidating like some gyms may feel, it’s positive, fun and rewarding.
Having the goal of adding muscle and definition takes time, there is no quick fix for this but this time I am really trying, with Nicole’s guidance to focus on food and nutrients as well as the physical workouts. I have managed to up my pull-up reps in 4 weeks and eat a better diet for my lifestyle. I am really starting to feel less tired and more energetic.
The sessions utilise both natural weight, free weights and resistance bands to give a full body workout. Pt sessions will always be small and supportive so you will always feel like you are being guided and not left to it. 
Looking forward to seeing and feeling more positive changes in the future.’ Pam