Get Fit and Fly



Pole fitness is a rapidly expanding form of exercise here in the UK. From a full body workout to improving strength, grace, stamina, flexibility and confidence it really offers  something for everyone! Anyone is welcome to join the beginner’s classes regardless of exercise background. Just bring along some water, shorts/leggings and a t-shirt/vest and you are ready to go!

Get Fit and Fly is a friendly and supportive atmosphere for students of various backgrounds regardless of age, size or ability. Experienced instructors will guide you through your pole journey in a safe and encouraging environment.

We also provide a conditioning class called ‘Strong and Flexy!’. A whole class dedicated to pole specific conditioning and flexibility, designed to aid progress on the pole. An essential class for any level.

Get Fit and Fly also runs various classes and workshops including Contemporary Dance, Booty Dance, Handstands and Calisthenics classes from time to time so keep an eye out on our social media for announcements.

Personal Training is also available in our dedicated training space for more info on this go to the Personal Training Page 

There are two locations to choose from – in Perth and in Dundee. Our Perth venue uses six X-poles at 3.75m and our Dundee venue uses two X-pole stages. Dundee class runs on a Wednesday at 8pm for booking go to .


Get Fit and Fly – Lakeside Business Park, Perth, PH15RZ

Good Health & Fitness – City Quay, Dundee, DD1 3JA

To book click on the  Bookings page

– Payment will be requested upon booking.